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Which DiSC Personality Assessment Is Best For My Needs?

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DiSC Models

Everything DiSC targeted tests assessments for Workplace, Leadership, Management, Sales, and 360 Degree Feedback.

disc modeleverything disc model
  • Recommended model for new users
  • Easier to understand
  • Greater personalized results, feedback, and customization
  • Using latest technology
  • Highest DiSC validity
  • Includes Free Comparison Reports between any two completed Everything DiSC Profiles

DiSC Classic Personality Profile (Personal Profile System 2800 Series)

disc graph
  • Traditional graph model
  • Available in online or paper format


Online. results are in PDF format.

Online with PDF results or
Paper Booklet Self-scoring version.

DiSC Personality Models

Circular DiSC Personality Model (uses circumplex), available in online version only.
Uses latest technology and research methods, as well as 39 years of research to generated a more detailed, personalized, more in-depth, and easier to understand results then those offered using the traditional graph-based DiSC profile, which has the inherent limitations of adapting a 39 year old self-scoring paper- based model for computer and online use..

The circumplex model offers a more precise analysis based on the combination of your D, I, S, and C DiSC style and their relation to each other.

Traditional DiSC Personality Graph Model, available both online or in paper booklet form. Originally designed as a self-scoring paper booklet and in 1994 adapted to computer and later to online versions.

The graph model provides your DiSC classical pattern based on whether your D, I, S or C are over the baseline or neutral zone. There is no emphasis on the relative relationship of the D, I, S, and C in your DiSC profile.

# of Questions

Uses 79 adjectives on a five-point scale indicating how much each adjective describes them.

Uses 28 forced multiple choose word clusters of four adjectives each, requiring the selection of both, which word describes them the most and least.

Time to complete

About 14-17 minutes.

About 13-15 minutes for online versions. Or 25-30 minutes for the paper self-scoring version.

Note: The Everything DiSC test model is easier and quick to complete than the traditional graph-base disc classic model. This is because it is easier for people to answer how much a phrase describes them, as opposed to choosing among four words and determining which one is most like them and which is least like them.

Research-based and validated?

Yes, based on the latest and most current research, with the highest degree of validity and reliability of any DiSC profile. Provides the most in-depth, personalized, and detailed results.

Yes, high reliability and validity using the 38 year old DiSC graph model. It has a proven track record and large following.

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DiSC-Based Tests, Reports Assessments and Training Material

Everything DiSC Personality Test Collection
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Training Materials

DiSC Classic Profiles


Training Materials


Everything disc workplace profile Everything DiSC Workplace training materials Paper version DiSC Classic

Work of Leaders (Leadership Profile)

everything disc work of leaders profile 2.0 - Online disc classic 2.0


Everything DiSC Management Profile everything disc management training materials

2 Plus -Online
(includes everything in 2.0, plus any or all of six additional categories for management, sales, and relating to others).

DiSC Classic 2 Plus


everything disc sales profile everything disc sales training materials

PPSS General Characteristics Report

ppss general characteristics report

360 Degree Feedback Survey - 363 for Leaders

everything disc 363 for leaders    

Comparison Reports



Facilitation Report

Everything DiSC Facilitator Report


Facilitation Report

DiSC Classic Facilitator Report  

Group Culture Report

Everything DiSC Group Culture Report


Group Culture Report

DiSC Classic Group Culture Report  

The Everything DiSC model uses a circumplex model to show your true blend of the DiSC styles and personality.
DiSC Classic uses the older four quadrant personality model that looks at your primary dimensions

Everything DiSC® Personality Test Assessment Certificate Training

DiSC Personality trainer certificate two day training by Inscape Publishing's own trainers. This is the only publisher backed DiSC Certification and the only official Everything DiSC Certification available.
Certification is held in Minneapolis, MN. This training will train you in the new Everything DiSC Circumplex Circle DiSC Map and its applications for Management, Sales, Workplace and Leadership. To learn more visit: www.internalchange.com/wkshop/onlinedisccertification.htm  

 Contact us for more information. Space is limited

Everything DiSC® Sales Profile

DiSC Sales Assessment Test.

Provides feedback into your DiSC sales style, readily applicable information on how to recognize and understand your customer's buying style and give you strategies for adapting your DiSC selling style to their buying style so you can better meet your customer's needs. Learn more and view sample report

Everything DiSC Management Profile - Management Styles Assessment.
DiSC® based management profile. Designed to give managers at all levels useful insight on developing their management style, improving communication and increasing employee engagement.

This DiSC Management profile test is designed to be used with the Everything DiSC Management Facilitation & Training Program or as a stand alone Management Assessment. 

View Sample Profile.  Learn more... Call (847) 906-DISC

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Visit our specialty partners to learn about the disc profile and inscape publishing assessments including disc training and disc certificate training. Quick links to disc classic paper version and the online disc classic 2.0. DiSC for Leadership and Leaders

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