Who We Are

John C Goodman Founding CEO, Former CEO/President of Center for Internal Change, Inc.

John originally founded Center for Internal Change, Inc. in 1994. He brings to PCP over 34 years of diversified experience in the corporate and private sectors, with a heavy emphasis in organizational and individual systems, behavior and development; life, career, change and business coaching; performance improvement, psychology, and group/system dynamics. He has a history in designing, facilitating and conducting customized programs in all facets of personal/work development and interaction. John has worked in both the investment world and the field of human behavior and development. He is the creator of CALM Coaching™ , a “systemic, stress sensitive” approach to Career and Life Management, which respectfully empowers individual, teams and organizations to discover, clarify and met their goals, increase their performance and thrive on the learning’s found in change and transformation. Moving beyond “stuck,” blockages, stagnation, and creating positive entropy, growth and desired outcomes. His previous professional roles include: coach, mentor, facilitator, consultant, trainer, and teacher to individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations. John is also the developer and creator of “NUTs TO GUTs.” A quick and easy way of cognitive and behavioral shift from non-useful thoughts and behaviors to genuinely useful thoughts and behaviors.

John Goodman and CIC were a former Everything DiSC Authorized Partner and distributor for over 16 years. John sold Center for Internal Change, Inc. to two other Everything DiSC Authorized Partner in 2017. At that time CIC ending it’s relationship with Wiley, Everything DiSC (formerly Inscape Publishing) and formed Internal Change, Inc. and Professional Change Partners. John and CIC were top award winning providers of the Everything DiSC® and Wiley DiSC® profiles and other  Inscape Publishing assessments, training & development products. John was one of only three distributors of Everything DiSC/Inscape Publishing products to have ever won Inscape Publishing’s top Inscape Diamond award. He has continuously won Everything DiSC / Wiley’s (Inscape Publishing) top level distributor/partner award since 2001 and had also won consecutive top awards and honors for Team Development. CIC’s clients/customers have included many Fortune 100 and 500 companies, government agencies, educational institutions and religious organizations.

John is Certified in DiSC Classic (Inscape Publishing Certified DiSC® Trainer) and Extended DISC and is very familiar with other version of DISC.

Stacy C. Goodman former CEO of Center for Internal Change, Inc.

Stacy Goodman is an Everything DiSC Workplace Certified Facilitator. Stacy brings a long list of accomplishments in the field of education. She joined Center for Internal Change, Inc. in 2005 running the day to day operations, customer service, and shipping logistics. In 2013 she took over as CEO. Stacy worked for 17+ years at Columbia College of Chicago, where, in addition to coaching and providing guidance to students she directed and administered the student internship program for the television department providing internships for the United Center and the Chicago Cubs, and with such TV shows as Oprah, Letterman, Jerry Springer and and The Daly Show. Other responsibilities included numerous administration functions and running various student oriented video contests interfacing with the top talent in the television and video production industry to judge and mentor participants.

Stacy is certified as an Everything DiSC® Workplace Certified Facilitator.